Engagement Photography Session

Engagement photography session is a casual, relaxed couple portrait photoshoot. E-session is done after a couple gets engaged and before the wedding day.

E-shoot, E-Session, Engagement photography or pre-wedding photography, are all just different names for the same thing – pre-wedding engagement shoot. See engagement packages and pricing in the Gold Coast region.

Let’s face it… getting in front of a camera isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Most people are shy in front of a camera which is why it is important to build a relationship with your photographer. Engagement photography is a great opportunity to get to know each other before the Big Day. It will allow your photographer to find out more about what you like, and more importantly, what you don’t like. During the photoshoot, you get the chance to practice posing in front of the camera with no one around. This session will allow you to relax and see that it’s not that scary!Gold Coast engagement photography session

Once you’ve booked your session, you should decide where do you want to go!

Beach, park, garden, forest, urban location, hotel, resort, winery, wherever you feel has meaning to you both.

Not everyone knows for sure what they want to do. That’s where a photographer can help you to find the perfect locations for your pre-wedding shoot.

Gold Coast region offers so many magnificent locations for an informal and fun E-shoot.

You can visit some new places, where you’ve never been and afterwards you might use one of them on your wedding day.

A beach or a park shoot will involve casual wear like a summer dress, jeans and top, comfortable shoes or bare feet and minimal makeup and hair styling. In contrast, we may go for a more high fashion shoot. Just imagine: do hair and makeup, wear a cocktail dress, hills and a suit. Location: an urban setting, a hotel foyer, a fancy restaurant or a coffee shop.

However, there is a little more to an E-session. If you are planning a destination wedding and often don’t have a chance to meet your photographer prior to the Big Day. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to meet and discuss wedding plans and ideas days before the wedding. And, of course, get some great images at a stunning location.

What can you do with your engagement photographs?

You can include engagement shots to your wedding album as the love story preceded your wedding day.

You can use pre-wedding photos for your invitations or announcements in your local newspaper.

Your engagement session will also give you some great photographs to display at your wedding reception in a slideshow.

We can also create a custom guest book using your e-session photos.

Alternatively, you can book an engagement photoshoot just to surprise your loved one.

It’s all about fun and stunning photographs!

See engagement packages and pricing in the Gold Coast region.