Tips for Perfect Wedding Photographs

Cooperation on a location.

If you are getting married and want to get perfect wedding photographs, you should cooperate with your wedding photographer.

You have to reserve enough time for a photo session on a location of your choice. How much time do you need to reserve depend on how many good photos you want to get.

You need to single out two hours for a location shoot between the ceremony and the reception.

Two hours is enough for getting some good wedding photographs, but you can meet one or even a few of the following issiues.

Situation 1. The bride finishes her dressing up and other last preparations much later (often from one hour to two hours later).

Situation 2. The groom comes to pick up the bride very late.

Situation 3. You spent significantly more time at the recemony venue just talking to the bridal party or relatives.

Finally you and your wedding photographer have only 20-30 minutes for a location shoot, which is not enough even for family group portraits.

Situation 4. You are worried about the day and checking up all details, deciding on last small things, talking over the phone.

Situation 5. You get phone calls all the time or your guests congratulate you non-stop.

Situation 6. You are emotionally exhausted, tired and very worried about being late on a reception, because of guests waiting at the reception venue.

Formally a photographer has enough time, but can’t do his or her job. In this case the photographer can take only reportage photographs, but people talking on the phone make lots of different grimaces, facial expressions, gestures, often not very attractive, and they absolutely don’t pay attention to the wedding photographer.

In conclusion

Doesn’t matter how many hours you reserved for a location photoshoot, please add two hours. Please start the most important day of your life two hours earlier. By the end of the day you will understand why.

And if you suddenly get a 30 minutes break – it’s a chance to check up the bride’s makeup, catch a deep breath and enjoy your Big Day and think how happy you are.Gold Coast beach wedding photos

Cooperation on a reception.

Usually a photography contract include a clause about cooperation and guest cooperation, please read it and pass it to the bridal party and all relatives and guests who is going to be with you on the big day.

Guests don’t read and sign the photography contract, so they don’t understand that their behavior can have an influence on photographer’s work and your wedding photographs. It’s not the photographer’s job to explain your guests that they could disturb plans and interfere in photography process. It’s your responsibility or your wedding planner to make your wedding day perfect.

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What you should say to all your guests. Tips for guests.

Guests should give the wedding photographer an access to the couple all the time.

Guests must not pass any plates, cameras, glasses or shaking hands in front of the photographer’s camera, especially in the most important moments, like cake cutting, the first waltz, tossing the bouquet, etc., as we can’t replay these moments.

If there is a special booster light for the couple, guests must not overlay that light, as it’s an essential photographer’s tool.

Guest should not ask the official photographer to take a portrait of them, especially when he or she is busy with the couple. The photographer will do it in due time, if it was coordinated with the couple.

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Have a great day!

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