Wedding Planning Checklist

Planning a wedding budget is a must.

Wedding is the most wonderful and unforgettable event in every person’s life and very expensive! And no one want to save, of course! You just need to intelligently dispose of the funds allocated for the organization of the wedding celebration. 
And the first question to be solved is: how much money are you willing to pay?
No matter what kind of wedding you are planning, luxurious or modest – you have to estimate how much it will cost you.

What will give you the preparation of your own wedding budget?

Allows you to allocate financial resources in accordance with your priorities!

You need to decide what you want and without which  in your opinion your wedding will not be unforgettable for YOU. The budget allocation of the wedding is always very individual. Sometimes, the bride’s attire is 30-50% of the total cost of the wedding. The cost of wedding rings in some cases can reach 25%.
As a result, the distribution of the wedding budget in accordance with your desires and tastes will allow you to make your wedding exactly what you want. In addition, the original wedding idea can minimize the wedding budget.
Sit down side by side, fantasize and write down – together, have fun and have a good time!

Would save!

You need to divide the wedding expenses into two parts:

  • something without which you can not do,
  • and that would be a pleasant addition, but you can do without it.

Every young couple have a different list.

The basis of all financial calculations is the principle: money today is more expensive than money tomorrow. Buying a wedding tour, renting an expensive limousine or a chic banquet room in advance will allow you to save a lot, especially if you offer to make full payment, subject to giving you a good discount.

However, the wedding day will not be repeated, and you should not get involved in saving.  The wedding should be remembered as the most beautiful event. So that you do not regret, considering wedding photos, that you did not hire a professional photographer. After all, you can straighten up and earn or postpone any purchase or trip.

I wish you an easy going and enjoyable preparation for your wedding!
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